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    Care for your Del Toro Footwear

    * Never wear the same pair of shoes for two days in a row. This will help prevent use and will dissolve all the dampness, avoiding bad smells formation.  

    * Keep your shoes in their shoe tree helps them dry out and prevents wrinkles, keeping them in good condition for years.

    * Store them in a cool dry place.

    Velvet Slippers

    * Use a protective coating solution to prevent water from ruining the fabric.

    * When using a spray protector, keep the spray at a distance of at least six inches.

    * Aim to mist the velvet with the protectant, so that the product settles lightly on the fabric rather than soaking it.

    * It is also a very good idea to brush the shoes out after the protectant has dried to reduce any matting of the velvet.

    * Brush your velvet shoes after every wear. The brush will help to remove dirt and grit that accumulates and will keep the velvet from becoming crushed.

    Suede Slippers

    * Keep the suede protected by using a weather protector spray.

    * To remove dirt and stains, brush in both directions using a horsehair brush.

    * Rub the surface of your shoes with a damp towel. This brings up the nap.

    * Stains may be rubbed off with a damp towel and Omnidaim Suede Cleaner.

    * Allow the leather to dry then brushing the shoes with a Crepe Brush will get the suede fibers running in the same direction after cleaning.

    * If there are lumps of dirt or dry scuff marks that won’t come off this way, try rubbing them off with a fingernail file. Be gentle.

    Leather Sneakers & Chukkas

    * Never throw your shoes in the washer.

    * Use a gentle cleaner like Jason Marks Premium Cleaner.

    * Remove the laces and use a soft rag to apply the cleaner generously.

    * Scrub the shoes with a horse hair brush.

    * When the solution foams, wipe the shoe clean with the microfiber cloth.

    * Repeat until your shoes look clean, then let them air dry.

    * Invest in some new laces, this will make older shoes look like new.